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The Government approves the project to strengthen the management of plastic waste

2022-10-04 10:45:29

The Government approves the project to strengthen the management of plastic waste

Approving the project to strengthen the management of plastic waste in Vietnam.

Accordingly, the overall goal On July 22, the Prime Minister issued Decision 1316/QD-TTg on the approval of the project to strengthen the management of plastic waste from the central to local levels, contributing to the implementation of the project. successfully implemented the national strategy on integrated solid waste management by 2025, with a vision to 2050; National action plan on ocean plastic waste management….; building a circular economy model in Vietnam with the orientation of reducing the use of single-use plastic products and non-biodegradable nylon bags; increase reuse, recycling and disposal of plastic waste.
At the same time, perfecting mechanisms, policies and laws on plastic waste management; production and consumption of non-degradable nylon bags used in daily life, disposable plastic products used in daily life.

The project also strives by 2025 to use 100% of environmentally friendly plastic bags and packaging in commercial centers and supermarkets for living purposes to replace difficult-to-decompose nylon bags; ensuring collection, reuse, recycling and treatment of 85% of generated plastic waste; reduce 50% of plastic waste in seas and oceans, strive for 100% of resorts and hotels not to use non-degradable plastic bags and disposable plastic products;…

In addition, the project has proposed tasks and implementation solutions such as: Investigate, survey and assess the current situation of generation, collection and treatment of plastic waste; Develop and finalize policies on plastic waste management; implementing training, communication and international cooperation activities on plastic waste management; research, technology application, model deployment, plastic waste management activities and production of environmentally friendly products.

The task of developing and perfecting policies and regulations on plastic waste management as proposed by the project focuses on tasks such as: Developing and implementing policies to promote the development of a circular economy in the field of production and consumption of plastic products; regulates the recycling responsibility of manufacturers and importers of plastic products and plastic packaging.
At the same time, it is necessary to perfect mechanisms and policies to limit the production and use of non-degradable nylon bags and disposable plastic products. Research and propose to limit the production and import of single-use plastic products, difficult-to-biodegradable plastic packaging and products and goods containing microplastics.

In addition, it will review and finalize mechanisms and policies for incentives and support for the production of environmentally friendly products, substitutes for disposable plastic products and difficult-to-decompose nylon bags; encouraging the reuse and recycling of plastic waste in service of commodity production, construction material production and recycling of plastic waste in traffic works.
On the other hand, promoting research and proposing a roadmap to increase environmental protection tax for non-degradable nylon bags; additional environmental protection tax for disposable plastic products for daily-life purposes; promulgate and implement regulations and regulations in agencies, offices and offices to minimize the use of non-biodegradable nylon bags and disposable plastic products in organizing events and daily activities...

"The issue of environmental protection and sustainable development is the most important task in the socio-economic development of the country, including the problem of ocean plastic waste. However, in the context of this international economic, regional context; in order to promote the role and position of Vietnam's marine resources, the initiative in negotiating and building a global agreement on ocean plastic waste sets the following requirements: consider the benefits, rights and obligations as well as the time of participation, ensuring compliance with the domestic law on environmental protection of Vietnam", emphasized Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Le Minh Ngan.

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