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Review types of clean natural tube

2022-10-04 10:22:49


*Weed straws – environmentally friendly straws from the West

This is probably the favorite and named straw from the early days of the campaign to say no to plastic straws. Grass straws carry a mild fragrance from dry grass, completely natural and absolutely safe for users. However, grass straws cannot meet the expectations of consumers: For example, the cost is still high because it is a natural product, so the quantity is limited, the production process is manual, etc.

“The grass straws are beautiful and have a good message, but the product is light and floats on water. I really like grass straws, but grass straws can only drink juice and coffee; I can't use it for smoothies or milk tea, so I can't choose," said Ngoc Anh, owner of two milk tea shops in Ho Chi Minh.

* Sugarcane bagasse, coffee grounds - The most environmentally friendly straws.

This is the most expensive line of straws for the owner. On the market, this type of straw ranges from 1,500d-3000d/piece. This is the best quality product in the eco-friendly product line.

However, in Vietnam, there is no factory that owns this technology to produce straws. All products are imported products, having to bear many costs such as: Shipping, import, VAT, etc. Currently, Phuc Long and Chili Coffee chains are using this straw.

“The straw is very beautiful, smells pleasant. However, the price is very expensive, so the shop cannot access it” - From friend Tung - the owner of a coffee shop in District 1- HCM
One issue that every importer, coffee shop, and milk tea shop needs to pay attention to is the expiration date. Due to being completely produced from nature, the coffee grounds and bagasse straws have a shelf life of only 6 months. Subtracting the import time, the straws that reach consumers are usually only 4 months away. If not used within the allotted time, the straws will become brittle and crumble.

*Bamboo straws - bring Vietnamese spiritual values:

Bamboo straws are very beautiful and have very high spiritual value. Bamboo pipes are more popular in export markets than in Vietnam. Cause because:
Raw bamboo straws, input costs are very high, so the price is also high. However, using bamboo tubes for single use is too wasteful. For reuse, many have cleaned and reused bamboo straws. However, most customers feel uncomfortable because they share straws with others. In addition, bamboo tubes are also easy to float on the water, causing unsightly when used.

*Rice straws:

Rice straws were born 4-5 years ago. Widely covered by the media. Rice straws are made from rice starch, corn flour, etc. Rice straws are a bit rough and not eye-catching. Rice straws are sturdy and edible. Absolutely safe for users' health.

However, it only takes 30 minutes - 1 hour, the starch particles expand and cause the straw to dissolve in the drink. Currently, manufacturers are looking for a solution to this problem but there is no solution yet.
“I am a customer who has experienced rice straws. Rice straws are tough and eco-friendly. But I probably won't use it again and consider taking it directly by mouth. Because rice straws quickly expand.” Sharing from friend Phuong Hang- from Da Lat.

* Paper straws - the cheapest eco-friendly straws

The advantages of paper straws:

Paper straws have many outstanding advantages compared to other friendly straws such as: Low cost; There are many models; Various sizes and colors. Fits all drinks and space uses. One property that many straws do not have: it is odorless. Paper straws have no smell, helping the drink to keep its original taste to the fullest.

However, paper straws also have many limitations. Paper straws are easy to soften when used in water. Normally, about 2-3 hours, paper straws will absorb water and become softer. But still does not disintegrate in water like rice straws. Because of its soft nature in water, it only takes 6 months for paper straws to decompose and become fertilizer.

Paper straws- The most suitable choice among eco-friendly straws

Paper straws are not perfect, but they are the most suitable choice.

Paper straws are also produced from nature. However, paper straws are made of wood. Many people often think that using paper straws is destroying forests? Did you know, 100% of the materials for the production of paper straws must have proof of origin, clear invoices and documents.

The paper that is valid for circulation must be 100% paper coming from production forests. Production forests are forests planted by humans to harvest timber. The exploitation of forests in this case is legal and does not affect the environment. For each tree cut down, three new trees will be planted.

When placed on the scale with natural materials such as straws; grass straws; coffee grounds straws, etc., then paper straws are still more feasible in terms of price, production scale and scaling up use. Paper straws may not be the perfect piece, but are best suited to replace disposable plastic pipes.

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