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2023-02-06 11:07:37

"Use paper straws to protect your health and the environment" - That's GCO's call to you.
???? As you know, plastic straws, despite their small size, cause serious pollution to the soil and water environment if not recycled and properly decomposed. A plastic straw can only be used for 10-30 minutes, but Mother Nature takes 450 years to decompose. More dangerously, regularly using plastic straws will cause the body to be contaminated with microplastic particles. This seriously affects our health, it can even cause death.
➡️ An effective solution that can overcome this situation is to use paper straws that both protect the environment and are good for the health of users.
???? GCO paper straws are environmentally friendly, safe for users with preeminent features:
⚡ High strength, can be bent
⚡ Own FDA, CE, SGC certificates
⚡ Affordable price
???? For more information about GCO paper straws, please #inbox GCO for specific and detailed advice

GCO - Paper straws for everyone
☎ Hotline: 0922 39 39 98
???? Address:
- Transaction office: 19 Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
- Factory: Lot 1, CN8, Ngoc Hoi Industrial Cluster, Thanh Tri, Hanoi
0528 983 983
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