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2PE cold cup
Cốc lạnh 2PE
Cốc lạnh 2PE
Cốc lạnh 2PE

2PE cold cup

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2PE cold paper cups are made from PO pure paper pulp, which is non-toxic and naturally decomposable

2PE cold paper cups are a type of paper cup used to hold cold drinks.

2PE cold paper cups

Characteristics of 2PE cold paper cups:

Material: 2PE cold paper cups are made from pure PO pulp, non-toxic and naturally decomposable. The inner plastic coating is heat-resistant and retains the original flavor of the drink. The outer layer is coated with waterproof PE plastic and keeps the cup shape.

5OZ (~150ml)
9OZ (~270ml)
12OZ (~400ml)
16OZ (~500ml)

Size of mouth x bottom x height (mm):
72    60    60
78    55    91
90    60    112
90    60    130

Drink type: Suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Advantages of 2PE cold paper cups:
Environmentally friendly: Made from natural and biodegradable materials.

Convenient: No need to clean after use.

For cold and hot drinks: Can hold both ice and hot water.

Distinguish between cold paper cups and hot paper cups:
Cold paper cups are coated with 2 layers of PE inside and outside for waterproofing. When storing ice-cold drinks, water vapor condensing on the outside of the glass will make the paper layer wet. The outer PE layer will act as a protective layer for the inner layer 12.

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